Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program

We call it our Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program.

You'll probably just call it your money saver.

Our Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program is designed to not only keep your heating and cooling equipment in tip-top shape, but to save you money on any repairs and also help reduce your costs in the eventuality of needing to replace your equipment.

Tell you more? We'd love to.

When our customers sign up for our annual Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program, they get the following benefits:

  • Twice-yearly operational checkup
  • Discounts on emergency and after hours service repairs
  • Discounts on regularly-scheduled repairs
  • Improved reliability of your heating equipment
  • Lower energy bills due to increased efficiency
  • The service life of their heating and cooling equipment can be extended
  • Annual $50 credit accrual on eventual replacement of your system

That's a pretty great list of features, and there's actually a few more.

Call us today to find out more about Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning's Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program.

We wouldn't offer it to our customers if it wasn't a great deal.

Call today.

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