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Cooling System Installation, Repair and Service for your Kelso or Longview Home

The Pacific Northwest doesn't have a reputation for heat, but those of us who live here know it comes, and when it comes, it comes hard.

Luckily for most of us, heat pumps or air conditioning takes care of the worst weeks in the deep summer when it just gets hot and stays hot for days on end.

But that's a double-edged sword - like all mechanical devices, your heat pump or air conditioner needs to be serviced or repaired when problems arise. The more you ignore it, the bigger the problems can grow.

Before those problems spiral out of control, call the trusted cooling experts in the Kelso and Longview area. Call Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning today.

Cooling Service

The cooling system in your home is often the most overworked part of your HVAC system. Why? Because it's the one that is used the least and when it finally gets called up, it's asked to run at 100 miles an hour from the very start.

It's a lot, especially for older equipment. Want to know the secret to making sure it does what is asked, when it's needed?

Regular service. It may not be a sexy secret, but it's the truth. Regular service for your heat pump or air conditioner keeps it running in tip-top shape for those times when it's suddenly way too hot and you just can't deal.

Luckily, Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning has what we call our Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program. Not only does it give you priority service, our Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program customers get discounts on repairs as well as accruing credits towards the eventual replacement of components in your cooling system.

Even if you're not interested in the Peace of Mind Comfort & Safety Program, you should be interested in this - Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning has been keeping Kelso and Longivew families cool in the summer for the past 60 years. We kinda know what we're doing.

Call us today to find out the benefits that come with experience and longevity.

Cooling Repair

It often happens without you knowing about it. The house is simply warmer than it was. So you turn the temperature down a little. Then a little more. Nothing changes and the temperature outside is getting hotter and hotter.

That's when it's time to call in the professionals - Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning.

Why us?  Because we’ve been keeping our customers’ homes cool in the summer for 60 years.  Our experience in the heating/cooling industry and commitment to our community, combined with our excellent customer service, ensures that your family will stay cool and comfortable. 

Plus, we’re not going anywhere.  You can count on us to be around down the road to continue taking care of your family's comfort.

When your Kelso or Longview heat pump or air conditioner just doesn't want to keep your home as cool as you would like, or if it totally stops working, give Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning a call

We'll be there for you.

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