Carlson's Heating & Air Conditioning chooses to sell and install only Daikin Home Comfort Heating and Cooling products.


Because they are literally the leaders in HVAC heating and cooling research and design. From their factory and research facility in Texas to their pioneering work in ducted an ductless heating and cooling products, we are proud to put our weight behind their products.

And yes, you read that right - their products are manufactured right here in the United States of America.

Take a look at their products below and feel free to call us or contact us with any questions you might have.

Whole House

Want your entire house environment controlled from one central location? Already have duct work in your house? Then you might be looking for:

Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Air Handlers and Coils

Gas Furnaces

Packaged Products

Single Zone (Ductless)

Smaller home, apartment or just a separate space you need to heat or cool individually? A single zone ductless could very well be your ideal solution.

Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Multi Zone (Ductless)

One kid sleeps hot, the other cold? Guest rooms that are largely not used? Multi Zone ductless heating allows you to heat or cool to your heart's content in the rooms you use the most.

Indoor Units

Outdoor Units

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Fast, Qualified Technicians

The Best Customer Service

Real People When You Call